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Enjoy a day on our traditional boat, Red Shark, with your friends and family.

Whether you opt for our Exclusive Charters or a pre-planned trip it's the ideal way to visit the most beautiful,crystal clear water around Koh Ta Kiev, Bambu  Island and Koh Preah.

Try and you will not be disappointed !


We control the wind forecasts and the waves every day, and we choose the quieter sea route for the tour.

You can book a charter to fulfill you specific family requirements. You can decide in which activity you would like to spend more time, whether snorkelling, exploring the island or on the boat.

Make Your Dreams Come True !

Daily Tour

Day boat trip to Koh Ta Kiev and surrounding islands with snorkeling , cliff jumping and time on the island to enjoy the beach , swim and discover the jungle.

Sunset Tour

Evening tour to watch the sunset on board

and swim with the Bioluminescent plankton on Koh Chanloh Island . 


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